Off-Road Fuel Tax Recovery Program

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. . . If you consume clear fuel in your off-road operations you likely qualify for a rebate. if not under the prop program, most likely under the TEFU program which can result in thousands of dollars returned to your company. Whether you are filing for the Alberta Fuel Tax Rebate - In House, outsourced to another company, or unaware of the program, we strive to make the process of filing for your fuel tax rebate easy and efficient for you. . . . ensuring your money is returned to you as soon as possible.


How much are you paying for fuel taxes ?




Send Us Your Feedback

The Alberta Government has cancelled the Fuel Tax Rebate Program effective Feb, 24th 2011 I am working with the local MLA in developing a program to present to the Provincial Government in an effort to continue this program without the administrative monster that has been created. I am asking you for your feed-back on this issue and your suggestions to simply the program. please include your company name, contact information and how this program rebate effects you.



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Fuel Tax Rebate Referral Program

There is no limit to how much you can earn ! So spread the word, tell your friends, they will thank you , and you'll earn money !

. . . all we ask is that you provide us with their contact information and yours, let them know someone from Elite Business Services will be contacting them.

if you would like to talk to us about our referral program feel free to call Sherry @ 780-542-5050

( we will pay you for the initial lead at a rate of 5% of our fees upon recovering a rebate on behalf of your lead. )


Fuel Tax Resources

(PDF format)

      File your Fuel Tax Rebate with us

Both TEFU & PROP Filers please complete the above form TEFU Filers will require the forms below.

(PDF format)

      One Month Survey of your off-road operations

(PDF format)

     Instructions for completing one month survey

(PDF format)

    Instructions for consumption testing

Bulk Fuel Users are required to allocate fuel purchased to each unit print as many as you would like of the complimentary Fuel log for metered tanks below.

(PDF format)

     Fuel log for metered tanks


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